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Brian Powell Family We hope you will join our family and David's friends, students, and colleagues at the memorial! I am looking forward to hearing many new stories (...) Wed 07 of Oct, 2009 16:10 PDT
Leo Daugherty Friend and Colleague David and I arrived at Evergreen at just about the same moment. One of my intellectual heroes was a social and cultural theorist named Morse Peckham, the author of many wonderful books, and I was surprised to find out that he had been David's professor and was still his dear friend. So it was through David that I met Morse, but, just as importantly, it was through David that I met David. He was 38 then and looked a lot like Ernie Kovaks. He was one of only two Victorian literature specialists I've... Fri 09 of Oct, 2009 23:50 PDT
Dave Humphreys friend I'm one of many Evergreen faculty brats who grew up in the '70s with David Powell around. I was just speaking this morning with another one of us, exchanging memories of Dave. I told my friend how I remembered his BIGness, and she asked me "How tall was he?" "About 6'9" I think, and broad, muscular. It must've been tough on his heart to carry all that weight around," I answered. But my friend knew that I also meant that Dave was big in another way, because she knew him too. To me David Powell represents... Sat 10 of Oct, 2009 18:28 PDT
Roy Plaeger-Brockway My Professor I am saddened by David's passing. He was a remarkable professor and person. His mentoring changed my life. David helped me discover my intellect. While working in a couple of dead end jobs after high school, and no family support for college, I decided to pursue college on my own. I read about Evergreen and moved from the east coast to attend. After a year of factory work in Seattle, I arrived at Evergreen in the mid-70's with my hard won savings and seeking enlightenment. David delivered beyond... Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 12:19 PDT
Chris Jordan My professor (1989-1990) David was my professor in the American Studies (1840-1910) program during my final year at Evergreen. Though he suffered great pain during his life, David's warmth and love of humanity always shone through. He approached the classics of American literature with a passion and intensity that is exceedingly rare in today's world. David taught me to trust my own voice, to develop my own interpretations of the classics, and to regard the great works of American literature as living treasures that speak across... Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 18:54 PDT
W.D.Stevenson David was my friend and cycling buddy I'm extremely sorry to hear of David's death. My sympathy goes out to his family and countless friends and past students, whom I'm sure feel as if a void has been created in their lives, as I certainly do.I met David in the mid 70's at a bicycle shop that I worked at his wife at the time had purchased a bicycle for him as a Christmas gift. He didn't think it fit very well. As often was the case with David he was quite right about a situation even though he wasn't very experienced or knownledgable about... Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 20:19 PDT
Chris Meserve Friend It's been a long time but I was saddened to hear of your father's death. And thrilled to learn that he had grandchildren! He must have loved that role. Thanks for a lovely obituary and for sharing the photos and guest book entries: they brought back some great memories, as I am sure they did for you. (...) Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 21:04 PDT
Dalton Graham David was Robin's father; I'm one of Robin's girlfriends. I didn't get to know David until late in life, and I only got to meet him a few times, but he was warm and had a deep intelligence that I could hear even through his weariness. He accepted me as one of Robin's two partners without comment; I suspect that it didn't even seem strange to him. I was lucky enough to have dinner with him one evening and he seemed genuinely interested in me and my life. I've heard so much about him from Robin; about his teaching, and about his philosophy, and about his generous... Sun 11 of Oct, 2009 22:18 PDT
Shawn Stevenson I spent the first 10 years of my life around him on a regular basis. When I was a child David was 'The Big Giant,' one of my heroes. I spent an awful lot of time with him early in life and not nearly enough later on. I'll deeply miss him (...) Mon 12 of Oct, 2009 12:56 PDT
Betty Bailey As a friend and his Realtor I had the privilege of meeting David due to a referral by Joan O'Connell for me to sell David's home on the Westside. The whole experience was filled with adventure and many deep conversations with David as he moved from his beloved home on Conger Avenue to live briefly in California and then Arizona. Despite the challenging and declining real estate market we were able to sell. As bitter-sweet as that whole experience must have been for David, he was always so demonstrative of his appreciation for my... Mon 12 of Oct, 2009 15:10 PDT
Nell Drake professor David, i've missed you for some time now and when Joanie told me you'd left us all i could think of was The Hero Returning. You taught me more than I could ever give back to you, dang it. You taught me how to listen, mainly. How to explore ideas and people that before meeting you, I'd have written off without thinking. I hated you that first day of class. Thought you were so arrogant. And then you knocked my socks off with your wit, your smarts, your gleeful humor. Your insight was arresting and... Mon 12 of Oct, 2009 17:41 PDT
Lynne Stenberg Family friend/co-conspirator David is such a big part of my tapestry, relating to TESC and my upbringing. He is one of a few that is always with me, in memory and feeling. I have a favorite memory of him. From when I was a young adult. We were sitting beside one another in an audiance at an event in Oly. I was was moved by what we were observing and began to cry. David reached out his hand to hold mine. It wouldnt have been appropriate for him to speak at that moment. I wasnt accustom to him being short on words! In that... Mon 12 of Oct, 2009 20:02 PDT
N.R.G. As a teacher, husband, and ex-husband. May God rest his pilgrim soul in peace...and bring tea for this tillerman. Love, Norm (...) Tue 13 of Oct, 2009 07:10 PDT
Jonathan S. Swartz co-conspirator, friend, professor (1991-2009) David and I first met at TESC - my only professor for the last two years of my BA degree. We maintained our friendship and grew close as friends over the years. Looking back, David influenced and initiated personal growth that continues to define/re-define my life. Together, we explored love, poetry, music, society, history, joy and disappointment, compassion, passion, life, death...the meaningful subjects of life.. David openly explored taboo subjects and introduced me to honest reflection. He... Wed 14 of Oct, 2009 16:53 PDT
Kim Carter David was my professor at TESC 1994-1995. I was just thinking about David this weekend. He taught me a lot-not only about the world around us, but about myself and how I can change the world. He challenged me to challenge injustice, through my writing, my actions, and my being. I'm very sad to hear this news, but very happy to have known him and his profound impact on me will last forever. May his memory be a blessing to all (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 16:11 PDT
Alex Lubin He was my Professor David was my Professor and mentor at Evergreen from 1988-1992. I was an average high school student and David got me excited about the study of American culture. I'm now a tenured professor of American Studies and I regularly think about David's sage advise. He was a kind and wise professor. I'll always remember his first-day handout: "How to learn something" in which he wrote, "Inside the glove compartment of every idea lies a sticky candy bar. Find it!" (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 16:24 PDT
Susan Findlay-Nomura He was my professor at Evergreen I am very saddened to hear of the loss of David. He was my professor in American Cultural History for my first year at Evergreen, 1985-86. He had a very unique passion in the way that he taughtvery much from the heart as well as the mind. I felt so inspired by his mentoring and he also gave me a great gift of encouragement telling me with sincerity how much he liked my writing and thought I should seek high intellectual goals for myself. He definitely had the most impact upon me of any of my... Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 17:07 PDT
Phebe Schwartz He was my professor at Evergreen, 1974-75. I am so sorry to hear of David's passing. He was a wonderful person, a terrific teacher, and my heart goes out to his family and friends. I know that he will be missed. May his memory always be a blessing to them (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 17:09 PDT
Lauren Hadley I was a student of his my last year at Evergreen. After graduating in 1991 I ran into David the next year and recommended a book to me: The Man Who Fell in Love With the Moon by Tom Spanbauer. David said to me, "you have to read this book, it will blow your fucking mind." I read the book and continue to read Spanbauer's writing. David was THE professor that made my Evergreen experience. One morning he hadn't realized it was his day to lecture. He took a moment, got some coffee and appologized to the auther that he hadn't worn a suit that day in... Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 17:13 PDT
Shelle (Lyons) Cropper

He was my professor @ TESC 1973 ~ 1977
individual contracts, group contracts, The Elegant Vintage

I learned so much from him. He called my bluff. He urged me to think, not react. I was constantly amazed by his support and attention. I wish I could have know him better, longer, in a different context. He was the quintessential teacher (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 17:15 PDT
Craig St. Clair Professor at Evergreen 1995. David's American Studies, 1840-1910 made a gigantic impression in my American cultural history course of studies in my sophomore year. Perspectives I formed in that class have proved still to be foundation of nearly every thought I have about American history and culture. Some of my most vivid memories with books and seminars come from this course. Peace be to him and his family (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 19:07 PDT
Jean Barrington His student 1988/89 I am SO sorry to hear of David's death. He was amazing! His personality was almost bigger than he was. Actually, I didn't like him much, but I admired him greatly. He had forgotten more about literature than I'll probably ever know! He taught me that personalities are never to get in the way of learning something you want to know from someone who knows it. He was an excellent teacher. Always on time, always prepared, always willing to listen, always ready to help. I remember the first time he took... Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 19:46 PDT
Paul Doyle Student, 1989-1990 David was a brilliant man and the only one who I've meet who could make three hour lectures seem so interesting. He had a profound influence of my thinking over the years and I am still glad that he made our class go back and reread Walden when we didn't get it the first time. I will always remember his work in American Studies 1840-1910. (...) Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 22:11 PDT
Malcolm Lightell

TESC 2000-2002
Founders of American Conscience
Text and Culture in America

I just now typed "David Lee Powell Evergreen" into a search engine on a whim, and wasn't expecting to find a site like this. I lost contact with David over the years, and hoped to reconnect with him and learn something about what he has been experiencing lately. David had a great impact on me during my time attending Evergreen. I looked up to David as a teacher, and as a strong, compassionate, and thoughtful man. He challenged my thinking often. He put a lot of himself into his teaching and made himself... Mon 19 of Oct, 2009 23:11 PDT
Lauren Carrozzi American Studies class 1997-98 Thanks David for showing me the love of literature and for your insights into the human condition. I still carry your modest observations wherever I go. You'll always be remembered. (...) Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 01:27 PDT
Karen Carr He was my professor at Evergreen David Powell (or Powell, as many of us used to call him) was the best teacher I ever had, and changed my life in utterly profound ways. I can truly say that without his wisdom, guidance and utter faith in my abilities, I wouldn't be the writer/teacher I am today. I still have his deep voice on tape, sitting, I imagine in some comfy chair while he critiqued one or another installment of the 20 weekly pages I wrote in a summer fiction class. And I can still remember his love for Emily Dickinson's... Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 04:05 PDT
Wayne Garrett Kostin Evergreen 2000–2002; Text and Culture in America/Founders of American Consciousness David was an amazingly powerful teacher and a great friend. I remember him as a gentle giant. He was gigantic not only in size, but more importantly in compassion and intellectual fervor. He was probably the most inspiring and supportive teacher I have ever had the honor of studying with. Any amount of time spent communicating with David was valuable, and I count myself as very fortunate to have had the privilege of studying intensely with him during the last two programs he taught at Evergreen. Two of... Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 07:17 PDT
Ben O'Brien My professor Thank you David: Thank you for your inspiration, your laugh, your warmth, you gruffness, and long wine-fuelled talks. Thanks for showing this fool student that there could actually be a path through what looked just like a thicket of briars. I hope wherever you are there are plenty of steelhead and the bluebird really does sing to the lemonade springs. Thank you (...) Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 08:59 PDT
Thomas Goetz I studied with David at Evergreen 1976-1978. I was in his infamous "The Elegant Vintage". program. I never found out where that title came from, and it was up to us, the students, to find out. One of my favorite memories of David was his "Men's Consciousness Raising" sessions. To combat the extreme political correctness running rampant at TESC, a group of (male) students would meet David at a local pub, watch basketball on tv, and drink beer (...) Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 10:19 PDT
Stephanie Fullerton Dichotomy of American Culture 1980 - 1981, Evergreen David Powell was my instructor in a nine month program at Evergreen when I was 23 years old. His passion for literature, history and philosophy changed and shaped my life immensely. I am sorry for his passing but I am absolutely sure he lived his life to the fullest as long as he could. My thoughts are with his family. Stephanie Fullerto (...) Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 10:25 PDT
John Carlson Student -American Studies David was my professor, mentor and friend. He taught me America, he showed me life. We shared our passions for music and books. I miss him dearly. (...) Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 14:44 PDT
Adam L. Sher

Mentor, Teacher, Psychonautic Cartographer, Guide, Friend

David Lee Powell. Is, responsible for my most crucial transformative learning experiences at a critical juncture in my life-path, believing in a smartass know-it-all-for-nothing doper like me just when he was about to 'retire', and recruiting me for his endgame at the ol' geoduck farm - a force of conscience and clarity, rigor and renewal, inspiration and intuition in my daily life, even now i can hear his laugh, see his brow fold up with concern, wonder, and wisdom, and receive his parable-laden advice... Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 16:06 PDT
Cara Kozma I took David's “Text and Culture in America” and “Founders of American Consciousness” courses (2000-2002) David Powell changed my life and inspired my intellectual passion. In a profound moment last night, as I sat preparing my application packages for tenure-track English professor positions, I received the email message from Evergreen informing students of David’s passing. I was stunned by life’s chains of events. When I enrolled in David’s “Text and Culture in America” and “Founders of American Consciousness,” courses I had not decided what I wanted to do with my future. The intellectual... Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 17:20 PDT
Paul Murphy My Professor, 1973/74 David was one of my professors for an integrated studies program, during the year of ’73-’74. He was a great teacher and a constant source of encouragement as he skillfully guided us through Dante’s Inferno, Homer’s Odyssey, and the whole morass of “Freud and Jung: an Approach to the Humanities.” In some ways his personality and passion seemed larger than life, but he was never intimidating or self-absorbed. On the contrary, he was extremely good at carefully listening to what we said and... Tue 20 of Oct, 2009 19:19 PDT
Burch Smith Student, American Studies '92 & '93 I better not get my punctuation wrong on this! Thank you, David! You were by far the most inspiring professor I encountered in all my four years at Evergreen. You made me think "outside of the box" before it was just a cliche euphemisim over used in American business nomenclature. I will always be grateful for the fact I have met, known, and learned a great deal from you. You will be missed dearly! To use your own words to eulogize your time with all of us:Zap!! (...) Thu 22 of Oct, 2009 11:37 PDT
Michael Boggess David was my creative writing and American culture professor at Evergreen in the early '80s. I am now a college English professor and writer. I ended up doing these things in part because of David's encouragement and inspiration. Although he was in great physical pain most of the time I knew him, he always did his best to teach, to question, and to inspire, and recommend a lot of really good books in the process. We met and talked a number of times after I graduated in 1982. His first question was always, "What are you reading?" From there a great conversation would invariably unfold. He... Thu 22 of Oct, 2009 18:19 PDT
Celia Haig-Brown Everlasting friend With such mixed feelings, I heard of David’s passing: deep sadness that he has left our world and such wondrous gratitude for all he brought to my life. The burning intensity of our connection and wonderful times together have never left my consciousness. Our periodic meetings over the years remain alive in my everyday thoughts. The yellow roses, the strong brown man, the laughter, the tears and the endless questioning. Yes, may his river of now hold one crafty steelhead hiding in the shadows; may an... Sun 25 of Oct, 2009 10:11 PDT
Gail Martin Friend and Colleague I knew David from the early 1970's until the present. I knew him as a friend, colleague, father, hunter, and bon vivant. He loved hearing and telling a good story especially ones accompanied by laughter. He was a great bear of a man and at the same time sensitive and vulnerable. I loved watching him with his sons and hearing his storys about them(bragging of the most understandable kind). The world will be a quieter place without him, but I will always remember his joyous expressions, his laughter,... Mon 26 of Oct, 2009 12:21 PDT
Rudy Martin David and I were faculty colleagues and duck hunting partners. David's and my duck-hunting exploits became fairly legendary at Evergreen. People would ask, "You and Powell goin' duck hunting again this year?" knowing full well that the answer was going to be "yes." The Nisqually Delta near DuPont, potholes out near Elma, the Skagit drainage north of Seattle, were all places we and my stepsons (Grant and Greg Whiting, about 12 and 10 at the beginning) learned well. I was never quite sure why his boys didn't join us. One morning, after he and I had boggled my boys... Fri 30 of Oct, 2009 16:27 PDT
Michael Shohan He was my professor. When St. Martin's hired me, I called David and said, "I'm going to be a teacher. What should I do?" "Two things," he said, "and do them always: be compassionate and tell the truth." Simple, profound, challenging, and filled with love. David was very good that way. I'm grateful to have known him even a little, and grateful too for the great service his life was to the world. Peace to him and all his loved ones (...) Thu 05 of Nov, 2009 07:00 PST
Richard Carter David's youngest son, Brian, married my daughter, Leza. I knew David during the last decade of his life, but only from a distance. He was the other Father-in-law. I remember David standing in the desert giving words of wisdom to the new bride and groom. He spoke with fondness of the "Ancients, the Old Ones who came before us and now are gone." David's earthly bonds are broken and his pain is gone. He has joined the "Ancient ones." May he rest in peace (...) Thu 05 of Nov, 2009 08:57 PST
Allan McDonell, QC He was my English professor for two courses at The University of British Columbia in the late 1960s. I was on my way to law school and had to take an introductory English course at The University of British Columbia in my freshman year, 1965. That happened to be David's first year of teaching at UBC. David got me so excited about English literature that I took an English undergraduate degree, followed by graduate school. I eventually got back to my first love, the law, but the fervour for reading that he ignited has never diminished, even 45 years later. (...) Thu 05 of Nov, 2009 11:27 PST
Amber Spencer I was one of David's caretakers. I was introduced to David through Joan O’Connell in the last few years of his life. I, like many other Evergreen students, was one of David’s caretakers before he moved to Arizona. In spite of his daily struggle with pain, David never stopped teaching. Some of my best lessons came after school, at the house on Conger Avenue. Always full of advice, whether it be academic or philosophical, David seemed to be taking care of his students long after he retired from Evergreen. I always loved that... Fri 06 of Nov, 2009 14:34 PST
Lindsay Solise I was his caregiver and friend 2006-2008 I met David in 2006, when I responded to a flyer posted at the west side Olympia Food Co-op: Looking for caregiver for retired Evergreen professor. Must have an earnest desire to change the world. With those words, I knew I was in for something extraordinary. David was the hippest elder I have known. He cursed, wore an earring, laughed large, and had a lot to say about politics and society. He could be downright ornery, but was mostly loving, generous, and wise. He was concerned with truth and... Fri 06 of Nov, 2009 15:00 PST
Howard Winkler as a friend and mentor to my sons My frienship with David dates back to the early 80's. We came to meet each other through our sons (his four and my two), who grew up together. I had great respect for him as a fellow single dad with young children. I did not know him for his obvious vast intellect but rather as a loving father. I know he loved his boys and I am sure his best qualities live on throught them and their children. I was honored to call him friend and am forever grateful for his positive impact on my sons. My warmest wishes to... Fri 06 of Nov, 2009 20:56 PST
Jean Jacob David was my friend, my neighbor, my colleague, my mentor, my mentee, my scotch drinking pal, my ... David, David, David -how many years ago - We celebrated your 50th birthday at my home - I was such a young thing then. You and I both worked at Evergreen, and were single parents who lived a block apart. When you became the primary parent to your sons, we I developed our own "scotch klatch" a couple nights a week. Sometimes we talked about cooking and parenting and dating. Sometimes we talked about dogs and fishing and bicycling. I asked you questions about "being a man" because I had sons and... Sat 07 of Nov, 2009 07:28 PST
Bryan Winkler Through his son David It's amazing how powerful an impact someone can have upon anothers life. I had the privelage of knowing Mr. Powell through his son David while in high school and a few years thereafter. During that period of my life Mr. Powell helped me to move forward instead of backwards. He was a great listener, patient, caring, and honest. He helped open the door to my college life which was a stepping stone to the life I enjoy today. After having been away for several years Mr. Powell and I crossed paths again... Sat 07 of Nov, 2009 11:49 PST
Rose Jaffe As he called me, "ersatz daughter-in-law"~ Intuition drew me to look up David tonight, and now I know why. I have many fond memories of him in his kitchen "taking up a lot of boat", laughing, talking philosophy and about the state of the world, telling full and wild stories. I mostly remember his larger-than life, warm presence, wonderful sense of irony, and expansive smile. He looked at the world from unique angles and through kaleidescopes of imagery deep and wide, and we are the better for it. Sharp and direct was he in observation - nothing... Tue 10 of Nov, 2009 23:48 PST
Beverlee Hughes David was first my professor and more importantly my partner (on and off from 1984 to 1997) David was one of a kind. He reminded me of a stove burner turned on high...no other temperature but HOT. Everything he did, he did to excess. If you were fortunate to be loved by David, you knew you were loved. He wrapped his love around you like warm winter coat. I can remember coming home several times to find an altar built on the front porch with candles flickering, flowers, and poetry. Inside, I'd find classical music playing , 100+ candles burning and a path of rose petals leading to where he was... Wed 11 of Nov, 2009 19:31 PST
Diana Osborne McLeod My professor 1973-1974 It is with profound sadness that I learned of David's passing in the TESC magazine. Just a few weeks ago I decided to destroy all of my old college records. I sat by the fire and fed the flames with pages and pages of writings and evaluations. I read them all, then said goodbye. There were David's evaluations, long and detailed. He accepted my student project when other instructors showed no interest. He encouraged my pursuit and challenged me at every turn. When I stumbled he was there. We would argue,... Sat 21 of Nov, 2009 11:35 PST
Linda J. Pennington

Poets Write Poetry,
Evergreen 1980

Two stories about us, both of them true. He was my poetry professor with a lust for life and my long-legged literary potential. He was loved by me, too (...) Wed 25 of Nov, 2009 00:43 PST
Patty Gates I met David in the Evergreen class, Modern Worlds, in 1990 or 1991. We became friends. A mighty good man, David Powell. A terrific friend. We told each other stories, read poems together, struggled with ideas, listened to music (great music). We shared our worries and our hopes. David opened his home and his heart to me, and I will be forever grateful for his friendship. My love and condolences go out to his family and to all of the people who loved him. (...) Sat 19 of Dec, 2009 08:35 PST
Gretchen Christopher David was brought to my pot luck party, in place of a Tuna Casserole (:o) It occurs to me, it was nearly 30 years from the day we met to the day David died. My amicable divorce was final October 13, 1979, and I celebrated by sending out invitations to my "Coming Out Party" (a la the debutante being launched into dating society). In my cleverly worded poem, I said the occasion was Pot Luck and that guests should bring either something edible or someone eligible. An actress friend was intrigued and asked if I had anyone in mind. I didn't; but just wanted people to know I... Mon 21 of Dec, 2009 16:47 PST
Steven D Pointer Student - The Evergreen State College. Took his year-long class, History/Culture 1972-73 (or was it Culture/History?). Like so many other who have written here, I was his student and his friend. I can’t say how sad I was to learn about David’s death. Ironically, I stumbled on the memorial during a recent sentimental period where I wondered about several of my old professors from Virginia Wesleyan College and Evergreen; my favorite professors. I had lost track of David and consequently lost touch with an extraordinary man who had tremendous impact on my life. I spend the academic year 1972 along with a handful of other students in David’s History-Culture class. I was a senior and deeply... Sun 31 of Jan, 2010 13:17 PST
Ezekiel Alexander He was my teacher at TESC 1998 and beyond (Victorian Studies) It was my first year at Evergreen, and I felt totally out of my depth amongst so many brilliant minds. He would turn up to lectures in a suit, sporting an earring and funky sandals, which I later found were due to his chronic neuropathic pain. David met me at Dancing Goats downtown for coffee one evening in early fall, and asked me some hard questions not just about my writing but my approach to life and my understanding of my self. On the first day, he gave us a list of tips for learning, which I wish I... Fri 26 of Feb, 2010 16:30 PST
Melanie Best Student Shit. I was bummed today to find out that David died. I need a recommendation, David! David was one of my favorite teachers at Evergreen, I still remember how exciting his classes were. He got pissed at some listlessness in our class once, and brought in a dead duck and slammed it down on the table. This recontextualization of "duck" caused some fear and anxiety in the class. Another time we listened to 'Me & Bobby McGee', over and over, something about a strand in American thought & ethos where... Thu 25 of Mar, 2010 11:08 PDT
denise berry

Student,Victorian Studies,1988-89

David Powell had a stunning,original mind and a huge heart.He was charismatic, unorthodox and terrific.He made school and lectures exciting. He had a permanent impact on my thinking and I believe him to be one of the most honest persons I have ever met. A great loss for the world,but, he's still with us, isn't he? By the way, your site is beautiful,whoever designed this. Looking forward to seeing some of his poetry posted in the future (...) Tue 22 of Jun, 2010 14:26 PDT
Hank Alford Friend I'll never forget the time we talked about Van Gough and Mozart. Then we ate peanut butter and celery. I think they call them ant logs or something because the rasins on them look like ants. hank.alford at exxonmobil.co (...) Fri 09 of Jul, 2010 13:45 PDT
david wylie Elegant Vintage Can you believe it? I am now looking at the William Blake book of collected works which got assigned to the class; it's on my bookshelf. How many professors have the chutzpah to assign this and all the other readings ( Hegel, Bryron, Ken Kesey , Stein etc) to be discussed at seminar? I was often out of my leaque in these lectures and seminars but always came away the better for them. I will miss my professor dearly. David Wyli Tue 30 of Aug, 2011 12:51 PDT
Mark Langan My professor, mentor and buddy, beginning with the Elegant Vintage and him sponsoring research projects. I was just thinking about the profound effect David had on my life after telling my children about this extraordinary teacher I had in the US. I knew that David had passed away, but felt compelled to Google him and was happy to find this site. What to say after so many years? David was one of those rare individuals who could somehow - if you were willing - bring out the best in you by intuitively challenging and supporting you in a way that burned off dross and highlighted what was precious. The last... Fri 02 of Nov, 2012 22:29 PDT
Mark Langan My professor, mentor and buddy, beginning with the Elegant Vintage and him sponsoring research projects. I was just thinking about the profound effect David had on my life after telling my children about this extraordinary teacher I had in the US. I knew that David had passed away, but felt compelled to Google him and was happy to find this site. What to say after so many years? David was one of those rare individuals who could somehow - if you were willing - bring out the best in you by intuitively challenging and supporting you in a way that burned off dross and highlighted what was precious. The last... Fri 02 of Nov, 2012 22:30 PDT
John S Levin I was a student of Dave's in his first job at University of British Columbia This is the teacher who inspired me to become an English professor--I taught the subject at Canadian community colleges for 11 years and continued to teach a few more classes after I became a Dean. I have since become a professor of higher education at the University of California, but I continue to study BC higher education. I just learned that David passed away some year back but I have thought about him since my days as his student in 1965/66 and 1966/67. He opened the world of the Romantic poets to... Wed 25 of Sep, 2013 11:21 PDT
Blue Bell

He was my prof, friend, hunting partner, and

I took several semesters' worth of literature And interpretive dream courses with David. We drank our share of single malt and rioja together. We hunted ducks together and trained retrievers together. He was full of wisdom, satire, humility, humaneness and genius. What a guy! Although he would kick my ass for saying so, he was the one person in my life that I aspired to emulate. I fell woefully short. Miss you friend. So very much Wed 01 of Feb, 2017 13:52 PST
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