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Rose Jaffe
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As he called me, "ersatz daughter-in-law"~
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Intuition drew me to look up David tonight, and now I know why. I have many fond memories of him in his kitchen "taking up a lot of boat", laughing, talking philosophy and about the state of the world, telling full and wild stories. I mostly remember his larger-than life, warm presence, wonderful sense of irony, and expansive smile. He looked at the world from unique angles and through kaleidescopes of imagery deep and wide, and we are the better for it. Sharp and direct was he in observation - nothing escaped him.

To his loving family I extend my deepest sympathy, and empathy. I've been through this and will pass along one of the most helpful things said to me: do whatever you need to do second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. I hold you gently in my heart.
Ros (...)

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