Amber Spencer

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Amber Spencer
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I was one of David's caretakers.
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I was introduced to David through Joan O’Connell in the last few years of his life. I, like many other Evergreen students, was one of David’s caretakers before he moved to Arizona. In spite of his daily struggle with pain, David never stopped teaching. Some of my best lessons came after school, at the house on Conger Avenue. Always full of advice, whether it be academic or philosophical, David seemed to be taking care of his students long after he retired from Evergreen. I always loved that Evergreen students were his caretakers. It allowed students to give back to him and I feel that it embodies what David taught about community. David guided me academically, but more, he taught me about love, compassion, life and death. We love you David and will carry your lessons and wisdom in our hearts always. (...)

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