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Ezekiel Alexander
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He was my teacher at TESC 1998 and beyond (Victorian Studies)
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It was my first year at Evergreen, and I felt totally out of my depth amongst so many brilliant minds. He would turn up to lectures in a suit, sporting an earring and funky sandals, which I later found were due to his chronic neuropathic pain. David met me at Dancing Goats downtown for coffee one evening in early fall, and asked me some hard questions not just about my writing but my approach to life and my understanding of my self. On the first day, he gave us a list of tips for learning, which I wish I still had. Amongst the jewels were items such as "you don't have to like something to learn from it" and "buy coffee in bulk, there will be plenty of time to sleep when you're dead." I hope he's sleeping well now. I recall walking out of seminars and lectures feeling a few feet off the ground, utterly blown away and feeling all the awesomeness of what it means to be human. I will never forget the huge impact he had on me and my growth as a man, that it's okay to be opinionated and vocal and f*&$ing smart. Very sad to read that he's gone (...)

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