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Diana Osborne McLeod
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My professor 1973-1974
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It is with profound sadness that I learned of David's passing in the TESC magazine. Just a few weeks ago I decided to destroy all of my old college records. I sat by the fire and fed the flames with pages and pages of writings and evaluations. I read them all, then said goodbye. There were David's evaluations, long and detailed. He accepted my student project when other instructors showed no interest. He encouraged my pursuit and challenged me at every turn. When I stumbled he was there. We would argue, he would show me different paths to take, we would meet on some and others we would cross. Through his tutoring my skills developed and I did some Browning research for him off and on. It was good for us both. He wanted to reward me but could not offer pay so he would take me to the college bookstore and let me choose a book and he would buy it for me. The first book I chose was a dictionary and I use it to this day. I was a poor student on work study and now and then we would have our student/teacher meetings at his house. It was always at meal time, cleverly arranged I am sure. When it was time for my graduate school applications his letter of recommendation, I am certain, was instrumental in my acceptance. Over the years I have thought often of him and wanted to connect again. I wanted to thank him and to acknowledge that without his mentoring my life would have taken a lesser path. May his family and friends know, as I am sure you do, that his spirit lives on. I will build a special fire tonight and find a word I do not know in my dictionary (...)

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