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Wayne Garrett Kostin
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Evergreen 2000–2002; Text and Culture in America/Founders of American Consciousness
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David was an amazingly powerful teacher and a great friend. I remember him as a gentle giant. He was gigantic not only in size, but more importantly in compassion and intellectual fervor. He was probably the most inspiring and supportive teacher I have ever had the honor of studying with. Any amount of time spent communicating with David was valuable, and I count myself as very fortunate to have had the privilege of studying intensely with him during the last two programs he taught at Evergreen.

Two of the most relevant and important lessons that I learned from David and always carry with me are (1) the most potent thing we can do to help other people is to help them believe in their own value and potential, and (2) it is better to trust/help other people and get screwed over a few times than to be overly skeptical about the goodness of others and never allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

I have been living in South-East Asia working as an English teacher for over five years, and I know that David's influence and wisdom have made me an infinitely better teacher. He continues to have a profound effect on me.

Let's not forget David's sense of humor. He himself could be incredibly funny, and loved a good belly laugh. The time I remember getting the biggest laugh out of David was when, during a party at his house, I suggested that he might like a new roommate — that in exchange for my living with him rent-free, I would gladly serve as his houseboy.

I will soon drink a good scotch in honor and memory of this sage and champion of the underdog.

Thank you to David's sons for creating this space to allow us to share our memories.

Love, Garret (...)

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