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Beverlee Hughes
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David was first my professor and more importantly my partner (on and off from 1984 to 1997)
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David was one of a kind. He reminded me of a stove burner turned on high...no other temperature but HOT. Everything he did, he did to excess. If you were fortunate to be loved by David, you knew you were loved. He wrapped his love around you like warm winter coat. I can remember coming home several times to find an altar built on the front porch with candles flickering, flowers, and poetry. Inside, I'd find classical music playing , 100+ candles burning and a path of rose petals leading to where he was waiting and reading. His biggest gift to me- he taught me how to love and how to be loved.
If you knew him, you knew he loved his sons. It was unconditional love; he may have disliked a behavior or decision, but he never withdrew his love and acceptance. I understand that towards the end of his life, when he was lost in pain, confusion and frustration blurred his expression of his love. Please forgive him and focus on the earlier years when his love was strong and undeniable.
Dave, Andrew and Brian, thank you for making space for me.
Love, Beverlee (...)

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