Jonathan S. Swartz

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Jonathan S. Swartz
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co-conspirator, friend, professor (1991-2009)
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David and I first met at TESC - my only professor for the last two years of my BA degree. We maintained our friendship and grew close as friends over the years. Looking back, David influenced and initiated personal growth that continues to define/re-define my life. Together, we explored love, poetry, music, society, history, joy and disappointment, compassion, passion, life, death...the meaningful subjects of life.. David openly explored taboo subjects and introduced me to honest reflection. He inspired me to ask questions I did not already know the answers to - a lesson that continues to enrich my life. I miss him very much and am rejoicing that he is free from the pain he had been experiencing. Memories of and with David mark many significant moments in my life, as I know the same is true for many, many others. My condolences to David's family and those that love him as I do (...)

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