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I'm extremely sorry to hear of David's death. My sympathy goes out to his family and countless friends and past students, whom I'm sure feel as if a void has been created in their lives, as I certainly do.I met David in the mid 70's at a bicycle shop that I worked at his wife at the time had purchased a bicycle for him as a Christmas gift. He didn't think it fit very well. As often was the case with David he was quite right about a situation even though he wasn't very experienced or knownledgable about cycling at the time. Over the next several years I built him two single bikes and a tandem, but much more importantly, we became friends and riding buddies.A stranger pair we could hardly of been, the scholar and the the bicycle builder.I think he was about 40 with the physical issues of a person who lived life hard.I was about 25 and very bike fit. But some how it worked.The stories are too many and varied to go into here. Perhaps with a good bottle of single malt Scotch. I think he'd approve (...)

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