Cara Kozma

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Cara Kozma
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I took David's “Text and Culture in America” and “Founders of American Consciousness” courses (2000-2002)
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David Powell changed my life and inspired my intellectual passion. In a profound moment last night, as I sat preparing my application packages for tenure-track English professor positions, I received the email message from Evergreen informing students of David’s passing. I was stunned by life’s chains of events. When I enrolled in David’s “Text and Culture in America” and “Founders of American Consciousness,” courses I had not decided what I wanted to do with my future. The intellectual fervor and love for literature that David conveyed through his mind-blowing lectures, and the interest his showed in his students’ lives, confirmed for me that I wanted to follow my passion for literature by becoming an English teacher. David helped me with the application process for graduate school, and wrote a Pulitzer-worthy letter of recommendation in support of my admission. I finished my M.A. in English and continued on to my Ph.D., which I will receive this March. Without David’s mentorship, I would not have had these academic accomplishments in my life. Therefore, as I begin my career as a professor, dear friend and mentor, I take the torch with the hope that I can touch even one student’s life in the way I was touched by your teaching. (...)

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