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Betty Bailey
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I had the privilege of meeting David due to a referral by Joan O'Connell for me to sell David's home on the Westside. The whole experience was filled with adventure and many deep conversations with David as he moved from his beloved home on Conger Avenue to live briefly in California and then Arizona. Despite the challenging and declining real estate market we were able to sell. As bitter-sweet as that whole experience must have been for David, he was always so demonstrative of his appreciation for my work.

I was so pleased to have stayed in contact with David afterward, as I could hear in his voice how he came to terms with his physical pain and made the adjustment to living in his new community. He exuded a peace and remarkable humor. I also am grateful for meeting several of his four sons....all remarkable men.

Sending thoughts of peace, love & healing to all members of David's family and community,

Betty Baile (...)

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