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Susan Findlay-Nomura
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He was my professor at Evergreen
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I am very saddened to hear of the loss of David. He was my professor in American Cultural History for my first year at Evergreen, 1985-86. He had a very unique passion in the way that he taughtvery much from the heart as well as the mind. I felt so inspired by his mentoring and he also gave me a great gift of encouragement telling me with sincerity how much he liked my writing and thought I should seek high intellectual goals for myself. He definitely had the most impact upon me of any of my Evergreen professors. I often think of quotes that he would share with the class. One was, "I plant my seeds carefully to yield the crop that is possible." --Henry David Thoreau That phrase has guided me through life ever since. David was one of a kind. My deepest sympathy to his family and closest friends. I feel very grateful to have been blessed to have him as my teacher (...)

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